Update and Happy Fathers Day!!

Blog Post created by chuck-2-20-2011 on Jun 16, 2019

Hello my friends,


I hope all is well with you. Me? I’m still working to come to grips with past tragedy. It’s amazing how the loss of a loved one can take the wind out of a person’s sails. But just like when I quit smoking, I have to relearn life and here we all know that this can take time.


Still, because of my experience with quitting, I understand these things and it helps me to believe that like quitting smoking, we do find a new normal. A new way to perceive life in a more peaceful and positive way.


Friday, I had to pick up my sons car from the sheriffs. He took his life in that car and it was incredibly hard to see it again. We’re actually donating it to the fire department so they can crush it and teach the newer fire fighters how to use the jaws of life to save people. It somehow seems like an appropriate use for the car, I think.


 Mostly, thanks to a message from YoungAtHeart, I wanted to  check in. I’m a non smoker for life and that is always something to celebrate even in the hardest of times.


I also wanted to wish everyone a happy fathers day and let you know that though I’m doing better, I’m still broken. But I know that if I could find my way to freedom from the most powerful addiction known to man then I can find my way out of this. I miss you guys and rest assured, I’ll be back. Slowly at first. I still have so much to share about how to rid ourselves of this horrible addiction to nicotine, and helping others to achieve freedom is still where my heart is. It’s just that for a little while, my heart must mend.


As always,