Day 171

Blog Post created by DonnaMarie on Jun 6, 2019

It's gotten to where I need to look up the number when I try to remember how many days I've been quit. I'm good with that. Thankfully, the site and my app tell me the number of days. I'm enthralled by the growth of the number. Hard to believe and yet, here I sit, a nonsmoker!


I have my final follow up visit with the shoulder surgeon today. I do not recommend rotator cuff surgery unless you're in dire pain, but I guess I can say at this point that I'm glad I did it. I'll start back at the gym next week if all goes well. Thta's what I've been working toward. I'll hate it, but I'll love it. The paradox of the pool.


Tonight, my sister and I are going to see Lion King in Norfolk. She's seen it before, but I haven't. I'm way interested in how they do the costumes and make the large animals come to life on stage.


This is day 6 of retirement and I can see it's still going to take some getting used to. Aging in general is one heck of an adventure!

Now to grab a cup of joe, not go outside and smoke, and watch Perry Mason. My morning



Day 171