Day 165

Blog Post created by DonnaMarie on May 30, 2019

So, this retirement thing is really mind boggling. I know others have done it and gotten through it and I will too, but where did all this free time come from? I found myself doing some "fancy" painting today outside. I like to experiment with color and design, and though my paintings are on rocks and are given away, the creation of something unique sure makes me feel pretty derned good.


I've been organizing the sewing room today and will continue to do so for a couple weeks. I'm trying to get all my unfinished projects in the same place and just start going through them.


I'll be getting the paperwork from the gym to restart my membership. I can't get the doctor to sign it until June 6, but am looking forward to the pool and all the other stuff soon.


So, yeah, this retirement thing! I've been having urges that I'm pushing through, and I wonder if I'm bringing them on by being a little stressed by life changes. I'm going to say yeah on that one.


The stomach stuff - day 3 of not so bad. I'll keep taking the medication until I do all my followup stuff and see what's what.


Here's a touch of motivation for newer quitters - it was only 165 days ago that I quit and I'm feeling very much like a nonsmoker.


BTW, hubby is off work for two weeks after tomorrow and then the firm decision for him to retire or not retire will happen. I wish he'd get it over with. I know it's going to set off a whole lot of existential thinking for him and I want to get going on that with him. I'll be a little more used to retirement when he's finally retired, so at least both of us won't be in the funk that I found myself in. More adventure ahead!


Happy Friday Eve!



Day 165