Day 162

Blog Post created by DonnaMarie on May 28, 2019

I got to the gastroenterologist's office for my procedure this morning and realized after a bit that I wasn't there for the EGD; I was there for the appointment you have before the procedure. Oops. I won't have the actual scope till June 18. I'm not thrilled about feeling like a piece of poo till then, but it's okay; I can handle just about anything.


After the appointment, my sister and I went to a local farm and picked up a bunch of produce. I hadn't been there before, but it's not far from home and the food has to be so much better than the grocery store. Now that I know where it is, I'll definitely go back. Tomorrow, I will freeze the squash and other items I bought.


I'm not even thinking about smoking, but am still a bit down in the mouth as they used to say. I want my spunk back.


On that cranky note (LOL), I'm proud to announce that I'm at 162 days. How amazing is that. Smobriety indeed does rock.