Day 161

Blog Post created by DonnaMarie on May 27, 2019

As of yesterday, I am no longer gainfully employed. I'm coming to terms with it and soon will claim my new life as mine.


I went to a family function yesterday (in Virginia Beach!) and there were people going in and going out all day to either smoke or jump on the trampoline. I sorta wished I could have a cig, but then realized I really didn't want one, ever again. It was fun to be around the next generation of my family and their kids. So much energy! I did stay inside all the time and didn't eat a  whole lot. This stupid esophagus/throat thing - I'll be glad to have the scope done Tuesday and learn what's up so we can move on to fixing it. Ibuprofen is not your friend!


I've been a bit grumpy lately for a lot of reasons, so am working on that right now. The beautiful news is none of the things making me grumpy are urging me to smoke. I keep reminding myself that my grump will still be there even if I give in and smoke and what does that get me? Nothing. My 161 days are firm and will continue to grow. And that's that.


A gal I worked with and I were chatting in private messages last night and she was talking about how she really wants to get her zen like living back. I sent her my favorite zen book from Amazon (only $3) and told her that was my retirement gift to her. It's a simple little book that I keep in the bathroom. LOL Each piece is only a page. Anyway, that was my last official act for work and hopefully, she can find some inner peace herself.


My daughter is driving from Boston to Richmond as we speak. She's in Virginia again and Richard and I are taking her some furniture from our house for their temporary apartment. Fun, eh? I can't lift, but I can help!


And today, we send out thoughts to our men and women who gave their lives for us. As a child, I did stuff with the VFW including selling Buddy Poppies on Memorial Day.

A small flower that reminds us all of the sacrifices made.



Day 161