Day 157

Blog Post created by DonnaMarie on May 23, 2019

My day is just about done. LOL I hit the oral surgeon and then went to Busch Gardens to walk with my son. The implants site is healing like a champ. I only have a couple more visits with him and then he'll throw me out and it'll be implant time. Woot! The walk at Busch Gardens was a couple of mile with my youngest son (he works there).


The park has a couple of smoking areas. I'm not sure where they are anymore, but I did see people vaping here and there very covertly. It's almost like they're sneaking it (which they kind of are because it's a no smoking park) and adding a layer of either "F you" or shame to their vaping. If I were ballsier, I'd get up in their business and tell them it's a no smoking park. No, I wouldn't. But I feel like it. Anyway, it was almost pitiful to see.


I have cards tonight and a police department dinner tomorrow night, and both require food. I picked up Brunswick stew and ham biscuits for cards tonight and am making a couscous salad for the dinner tomorrow, but that means I have to go shopping. Argh! I think I see a nap after that.


We were only able to talk half the park as the other half wasn't open yet, but it's almost 2 miles to walk the red line that started at the parking lot, entrance of the park, on the right of the map, and then halfway around, turn around and do it again.


Y'all have a great Friday Eve.



Day 157