Day 156 and looking forward

Blog Post created by DonnaMarie on May 22, 2019

Icky tummy - gone. Whew. Mini depression over sort of forced retirement - going away. Whew. Planning for life after May 31 - in progress. Whew.


All is well in the world once more. I've had some time to digest the no longer working for pay thing and it's looking prettier and prettier each day. I'm past the point of being gob smacked by the client's decision to go in another direction and my hours being cut to 3 a week. I'm at the point now of looking at what I need to continue to pursue my sewing/craft sales, and taking advantage of the money I have right this minute to round out what I need to carry on. My daughter is coming to help me hone my photography skills (she's a pro) and I've ordered a couple props that I've needed. In the same vein, I'm getting rid of old props that I'll never use again (a dress form, etc.).


It's all about purpose.


Our quits rely on our purpose as well. If I get up in the morning and have nothing to do day after day after day, I will soon fall back into bad self-care and bad habits of all ilk. If I get up in the morning with a plan to proceed, I will have purpose. Part of my purpose is getting up because I'm alive and have a day. Part of my purpose is to maintain my weight loss and my quit. Part of my purpose is to complete projects, photograph them, prep them for sale on line, and maybe plan a craft show table in the fall, which I've wanted to do for eons.


Today, I'm working on plans and looking through clearer eyes. I have zip to do in the real world. Tomorrow is oral surgeon and then a walk at Busch Gardens with my son and playing cards in the evening with friends. I may have mentioned I've reached out to a couple theater friends to let them know my evenings will be free again starting in June. Who knows? I might work back stage again (loved doing that).


Thanks for all the kind and encouraging words. I'm back to being a better me today.


BTW, I dreamed I smoked a few and didn't tell you gals and guys! EX is now part of my life so much that it shows up in my danged dreams.


Day 156



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