Ex7-Where ever I go~There you are

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on May 19, 2019

Got home from Virginia Beach Ex 7 about 11:30pm last evening. Unfortunately my husbands Elderly Mother had another fall where she resides at an Assisted Living facility, therefore we had to make a quick exit after Saturday mornings meeting. Today she turns 94. She’s doing as well as to be expected and no broken bones.


 I titled my blog ‘wherever I go ~there you are’ because I was thinking about all the wonderful people I left behind at Virginia Beach. I felt so comfortable around them and it just seemed las though I had known them all forever. EVERYONE was exactly how they present themselves on the site…and there they were and here I was….and even now, being back home…I feel their love and presence all the time. Its such a blessing to know all of them and all of you reading this who could not attend. You were ALL missed. This Ex family is simply an extension of my own. This Ex family is such a strong security for me that makes me never want to disappoint anyone here and to protect my quit that much ore and helps me to stay accountable and vigilant.


Kathi Strudel and Laura Michwoman Thank you so much for all your planing and putting this together. Giulia Giulia, that was an amazing quit song, I just loved it. From the cool N.O.P.E. buttons from  Barb102 and getting to meet her and her husband....., to the beach cupcakes from Kathi    Strudel, from the deep belly laughs with  Sharon shashort, Patty-cake and Jojo jojo_2-24-11   …( Hopefully you guys made it out of the elevator that night after I left to go to bed, lol~ it just guest prove that brunettes can be as silly as us blondes) ( Also, fo some reason I am not able to do @mention on some of the names here I'm sorry


From the evening of boardwalk music with Giulia ( Next year I will bring a guitar instead, it will make it easier for me to tune to you. 8 mando strings make it hard) and Daniela2016 ( and your fabulous cookies )and a kind fellow who stopped by to smile on our journey and play a song for us….From the Dinner with everyone….The surprise of our beautiful Stac2 showing up and finally getting to meet her…and Jennifer-Quit  and JACKIE1-25-15 and both Donnas ( DonnaMarie and djmurray  ) and Tommy pir8fan you  guys are ALL so important to me, ShawnP and Rick~ we need an Ex Ohio reunion, me thinks  , Sootie Sudie , Brenda_M and that sweet little boy,…and Ellen elvan who has always , not surprisingly I might add, been there to reach out to seemingly everyone who has EVER come to Ex…I dont know how she does it….and Valarie Valerie30 , who I also had no idea was coming, she has the most amazing smile….and Kathis sister Chris, I am sorry I did not get to talk to more  but talk about ART TALENT! Geese, her quilts blew me away!!! And @Mark  ( See...I cant get the @ thingy to work even for your name, so I hope you see this and maybe fix the ones I could not get to work???? But Mark....Thank you for keeping our site organized and for your heartfelt story you shared about your Uncle, he would be so proud of what your doing now, Bless you  because with your computer talent you could work pretty much anywhere yet to you choose to be here and help our community get stronger. its a thankless job and someone has to do it and you d it very well! Holy Cow, did I leave anyone out???? I love you ALL so very very much…If I left someone out, forgive me please. 


My husband enjoyed meeting all of you as well and felt bad we had to cut short our visit. He said I have some very special friends and is very happy and grateful for all the support you have ALL given to me to  quit and stay quit. Okay, now I am crying, because its going to be a whole year before I see you guys again, but I WILL see you on the site and wild horses won't keep me away from Ex 8….Because where I go~ there I am and you will be too….a sweet memory I will always have near my heart and cherish forever!   Love to all!

Prayers sent out to all of you for safe travels home. See you on the site, xoxoxo