EX reflections - Day 153

Blog Post created by DonnaMarie on May 19, 2019

Stac2When this picture was taken yesterday, I truly didn't know everyone's names. Today, I kinda do. What you see in this picture are heroes of all ilk, and this isn't the whole group of them. This picture is missing the youngest of the group, @Brenda_M, and her toddler son - I'm so proud of her for quitting now and ensuring her son will not grow up with a mom who smokes. Also missing is Jackie, who I went out and walked with, had lunch with, and later had dinner with.  Also missing is Daniella, who I picked up from the airport and had amazing conversation with overlooking the ocean on the deck of her room. Oh yeah, our fearless leader, Mark, isn't in this picture either.


I am pretty rotten at names, so sorry if I didn't get yours on the list, but here are a few of us:


1. Barb102

2. Strudel/Kathy

3. pir8fan - Tommy

4. elvan/Ellen

5. Back - Mandolinrain/Missy

5. shashort

6. Stac2

7.  Michwoman Laura

8. Giulia 

9. Valerie30

10. ShawnP/Shawn

11. Rick_M

12. Sootie 

13. djmurray

14. Jennifer-Quit/Jennifer

15.  Me

 (Updated list with additions from YoungAtHeart)



Fill me in who the other people are. I had a great item with all of them, but can't remember who's who. Ah, being 60ish is interesting that way.


Some people are still in Virginia Beach enjoying yet another gorgeous day in Virginia. I'm home, watching a Humphrey Bogart movie, making hummingbird food, doing some backyard chores, working, and having a Sunday with memories and reflections running through my head.


Pictures, a little bit of sunburn, and a whole lot of new family members - that's what I'm taking from EX7.


I did have a bit of an urge driving home, like mom and dad weren't watching so it was okay. I basically told that urge to take a hike and drove on my merry way. Never let your guard down. That's one of my major mottoes.


Everyone have a great Sunday.



Day 153