Peace beyond all MY understanding

Blog Post created by indingrl.01.06.2011 on May 14, 2019

I found the chapel in this HUGE community of buildings known as Northwestern Memorial Hosital in Chicago - MY Daddy God has brought people to talk with ME- I go to an area to take a break and get quiet -a man shares his 23yr had a heart transplant as a baby- recent kidney transplant that didn't work and now his 23yr daughter has cancer - another gentleman spoke on his speaker phone - while sitting next to ME - his 35yr old son is being sent to hospice after 5 years on life support-  I was told by the dad of the 23yr daughter- you always find out someone is worst off than you. I go to this chapel to talk with MY Daddy God and MY Lord Jesus and MY Holy Comforter in MY spirit - heart and soul  - I just sit - the tears will NOT flow for MY grieving has flowered into peace from MY Holy Comforter that is beyond MY words -beyond MY understanding -  I am accepting that I am NOT in control- the TEAM of doctors have given MY daughter-  double water pills and i.v. meds ALL to get her body to work at getting rid of water fluids trapped in her body-15 pounds of water must be out before procedure can be done- the medicine double up pills plan - it didn't work like they planned -  so gave her an i.v. med to put protein back into her liver because her body is pushing water out of her skin through her calves - now they put compression socks on her too- they are trying to save her life- I know HEAD KNOWLEDGE and I bring MY MOM HEART to MY blessed Trinity in strong confidence to admit MY fears and hold on to MY FAITH in God's Holy Word- thanks for letting ME share- they are trying to stabilize her body - lungs - heart - to do an operation on a dying liver to make it hold on until a liver is transplanted- I surrendered to - MY Daddy God his beloved daughter Jaime that HE hid in Christ- I surrender to MY Lord Jesus HIS beloved Jaime in HIS VICTORY on the Cross - death - burial and ressurection and I asked MY Holy Comforter to teach ME how to stand strong in MY Lord Jesus faith in ME and be still and know - ALL is done for MY daughter's suffering to meet Christ's glory in the midst of MY MOM heart which breathes in and out deep in pain - fears and uncontrolled wild emotions-  screaming- DO something - fix something - eat something- avoid and run from MY REALITY -  yet I loving stop and ask MYSELF questions and stay in this present moment  - unknowing the physical outcome - I don't understand it ALL-  but I do know how good and loving and full of tender mercies MY GOD IS NOW AND FOREVER which is in ME through Christ's FAITH in ME- MY BELIEF - for it is written WE are Christ's and Christ is God's- so I sit in this chapel and other faiths come in and out -each praying to their OWN personal God of THEIR free will choice and I remain focused - MY eyes on MY Lord Jesus by asking for HELP and I still just sit and breathe - NOT knowing the outcone and I pray -  PLEASE Lord heal her quickly or take her quickly - please don't let her suffer in Jesus name amen. This is MY prayer - I am NOT talking about anyone else- so please take what HELPS and let go of the rest- to be HELPFUL is MY only aim - thank you- TODAY MY daughter told ONE of many doctors- she has a team of doctor specialists in ALL areas of preparing her to get ON the transplanting list - she told that ONE doctor that her last death stick was May 10, 2019.  I say to MYSELF - sometimes it takes DEATH to change - and I remembered - but for the grace of God go I - thanks for letting ME share MY non smoker living - MY experience strength and hope- NEVER TAKE ANOTHER PUFF EVER- THAT AINT GONNA HEAL MY DAUGHTER'S LIVER OR GET HER ON THE LIST OR GET HER A TRANSPLANT LIVER- NICOTINE is NOT MY solution TODAY- sharing MY thoughts and feelings and MOM heart to BLOG is MY solution - TODAY - and it is WONDERFUL to be free from MY NICOTINE ADDICTION for YEARS NOW so thank you - EVERYONE - for your blogs and love and  support and prayers - I do appreciate Y'ALL- gentle hug.