Good things, day 143

Blog Post created by DonnaMarie on May 9, 2019

Many of you know, I had bladder cancer and surgery for same twice since 2015. I'm very lucky that my tumors were barely stagable and were removed completely with the surgery. I went for my regular follow up visit today. I've been going every 3 months since the last recurrence. And guess what? The cystoscopy was clear (I watched) and I graduated to "let's get together in 9 months" today! Nine months! I haven't been 9 months since the first diagnosis. I believe I'm quite happy about this.


BTW, one of the causes of bladder cancer can be and often is smoking. Another reason not to smoke!


I'm working on day 143 of no smoking. I say working because the demon has been awake for a few days now, which followed a few weeks of occasional urges. I won't cave because I don't smoke anymore. I just don't. I was watching a television show last night about an extremely obese woman saying she just "had to" break her diet to have something that tasted good. So, she had a plate of fried chicken and onion rings, neither of which was on her prescribed plan. And that led to more eating and more eating and more eating. It's the same concept - N.O.P.E. because one puff is going to lead to regular smoking again. One bust of a diet as was shown on television is going to lead to eating more food that's not really your friend. I have experience there too. Sigh.


Anyway, today is a beautiful day. I spent time in Richmond last evening looking at a house with my daughter and then going to a local cafe for dinner with her and her friend. (And it's almost an hour each way with no thoughts of smoking, go figure.)


I think quitting is a long term process. I'm no longer a smoker, but I'm still a quitter. Maybe there will come a day when I feel that I'm fully quit.



Day 143