Quick Update

Blog Post created by chuck-2-20-2011 on Apr 27, 2019

Good evening to all,


Sorry I’ve been absent as of late. My wife spilled some water into our modem and it took a while to get another. It’s amazing the things we can do to ourselves when we’re distracted. I erased all of our phone numbers and have been slowly getting them back as people call, so my wife and I are just taking turns wrecking things!


We’re still of course working through our grief since the loss of our son but like quitting smoking, there’s progress every day. It’s just hard to see because it’s so gradual. And like smoking, there will be an end to the hard part. It just takes time.


My wife and I are slowly returning to the land of the living, so to speak. And there’s always the one positive for me. I didn’t find a weak moment and start smoking again. I will say that the thought was actually very unappealing to me, even in the beginnings of our current trauma..


This reinforces my belief that with time, everything will be fine for you see, my addiction can’t even make a cigarette sound good to me anymore. So keep fighting my friends! There is an end to the nightmare we call addiction. A real tangible end where we know we’ll never even think about nor desire to smoke again.


Maybe that doesn’t happen for everybody, but it sure has happened to me! The main thing is to never give up on your future because it’s up to you to create that future as you want it to be by your current actions.


I look forward to peace, just as I looked forward to freedom and you know what? I found one so of course I’ll find the other. I just mainly wanted to let everyone know that we still struggle, but we’re OK.