Day 129

Blog Post created by DonnaMarie on Apr 25, 2019

Day 129 and still not looking back or even thinking about lighting up.


I was approached by someone on Twitter for suggestions on quitting smoking. Besides my usual "cinnamon sticks" and "Alan Carr," I suggested they come to BecomeAnEx and work the program here, including this amazing community. I can't even explain how much being among my quitting tribe has contributed to the success of my quit.


The physical therapist started active range of motion today. That means reaching and turning in ways I haven't done since March 19. Even though there is pain involved, it feels really good to put the shoulder and arm through its paces. As those of you who have had shoulder surgery before me, my range is still limited, but it's improving! I think that even though this surgery has been as major PITA, it was the absolute right thing to do. I look forward to future progress.


My sister is out of town and my husband leaves tomorrow for a day. I have stuff planned to do, but tomorrow night is mine all mine to do absolutely nothing. Ahhhh.


Happy Friday-eve!



Day 129