How important is it?

Blog Post created by indingrl.01.06.2011 on Apr 23, 2019

How important is it - MY -  it -  just dealing and living MY OWN non smoker life style - just for TODAY - ALL MY PERSONAL-  relationships - giving others the freedom to disagree or agree or be silent - and I keep focus on ME -  by praying and asking MY God for HIS help to keep ME in spiritual maturity- open mindedness - a good listener - willing to keep learning from OTHERS and accepting people right where they are to honor them as they are- themselves and HUMAN - also to just keep being ME- standing strong in MY relationship with MY Lord Jesus and praying to MY Holy Comforter to HELP keep MY relationships healthy and EACH individual in tact with healthy -  give and take with heart listening and to grow in conversations then finishing and end with prayer for all - 20 - 25 women in this bible study group - varying in age- ALL believers in Christ Jesus OUR Lord - I CHOOSE to believe  - I give gentle hugs with a compliment or thanking them personally  - TODAY  I am growing in ALL MY relationships and also with MY mom which is also ever changing with maturity and personalities in tact - then one on one with a women - I have been in relationship for over 30 years- we had ups and down and betrayal with sincere communication to forgive and maturing with age- I attended a funeral this evening - MY husbands friend - his wife died SUDDENLY - they were at home last saturday - she had just finished taking a shower and told her husband she was tired so she sat down in the recliner in their bedroom and died - I dont handle death physically very well- PLEASE MY SPIRITUAL BIBLE KNOWLEDGE IS 1 Thessalonians chapter 4 verses 13-18 - NO NEED TO BIBLE THUMP ME -- FOR ME IT IS .- THE EARTHLY physical - such as - responding - reacting - mental - emotional - USING MY DRUG NICOTINE WAS NOT ON MY MIND - PLEASE -  I am talking about ME not anyone else- so take what HELPS and let go of the rest - thank you - TODAY I took inventory of MYSELF as I lived out MY DAY with just ME - being more Christ like in behavior - improving each moment and NOT taking offense OR closing MY mind since others decided to get offened by some of MY opinions - that's on them - so I was taught - ask MYSELF - How important is their behavior compared to SUDDENLY DYING- I sit down in chair and die!,  MY day of learning about ME- growing and letting God be God and letting people be themselves - in HIS love - I love learning and growing and healing and getting along with 20 - 25 women - for 7 YEARS NOW - MY relationships growing more loving and full of joy and resting in peace knowing - NEVER TAKE ANOTHER PUFF EVER - no matter what life SUDDENLY throws at ME- differing opinions - different personalities- to remember but for the grace of God go I - and How important is it - to ME- staying quit - together - in MY Lord Jesus name amen - very important to ME -  gentle hug.