Day 125

Blog Post created by DonnaMarie on Apr 21, 2019

I'm happy to announce I have slept a couple nights in a row now! I have three pillows molding my sleep area, but without the sling, it just doesn't matter. I am not sleeping like a champ, but I'm sleeping. Now I have to be careful not to use the shoulder too much and to let it heal before I push it. I'm sure all of you who have had rotator cuff stuff know what I'm talking about. Right now, it feels pretty good, but that's deceiving; it's not ready to use yet.


I secretly bought chocolate bunnies for my sister and husband and stuff the in their chairs before dinner tonight. They were both surprised and pleased. We don't do a lot of Easter around here since the kids moved and it was fun to surprise them.


This is day 125 of not smoking. My husband and I were out and about today and we were talking about how it would be great to have affordable inpatient quit rehab for smokers. I know there are places to go, but not everyone has 8-10K in their pocket to pay for it and most insurance companies, to my knowledge, do not cover nicotine detox and rehab.


Happy Easter, a little late, to all of you. Here comes a brand new week.



Day 125