Day 124

Blog Post created by DonnaMarie on Apr 20, 2019

What a fun day. Well, it was fun if you consider standing around at the police department from 9-1 fun, which I do. As most of you know, I volunteer with the James City County Police Department. I do a variety of things for them including community events, Child ID, playing receptionist for their Citizens Police Academy and Forensics Academy, working at the probation office a few hours a week, or whatever comes up that I have time for. Today, though, I got to learn how to do fingerprints. We had a short classroom presentation and then learned on the computer how to roll fingers and take the prints, and in the end, how to present you with a card with all the information on it to present to your potential employer. I will not be printing criminals or people being processed at the police department. It's the same thing, but we only do them for people who need them for a hiring process or other personal/professional reason. Like I said, fun. Oh yeah, we got to learn the inkpad way of doing fingerprints, but it's 99% chance that we'll only use the computer scan method. Very cool.


On another note, I'm 124 days clean from nicotine and smoking. That's a pretty fun thing too!


My son was down from Baltimore and spent just the right amount of time here. He's off with his sister tonight and spent time with my other son yesterday. I'm glad they all catch up with one another once in a while.


Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter. We plan on just laying low and enjoying the peace, quite, and beautiful weather.




Day 124