Day 123

Blog Post created by DonnaMarie on Apr 19, 2019

Last night, I was in bed by 8. I was just plain old pooped. Up until then, I still wasn't sleeping at night; the shoulder and sling woke me up every hour or so. Last night, though, I slept! I got up a couple of times to readjust, but went right back to sleep. I might be turning a corner sleep-wise. Keep your fingers crossed.


Today is planned to be fun - my sister and I are going for pedicures (prepaid), breakfast, and then I go to PT. My oldest son texted and said he was coming down for the day (he lives in Maryland), and that was a surprise. And who knows what else the day will bring! Maybe I'll go to my favorite fancy store in town and buy some beef.


On that note, it's about time to get myself ready and get out of here. Y'all have a great day and will check back later when I come back to the computer to work this evening.



Day 123