Non- smoker life style

Blog Post created by indingrl.01.06.2011 on Apr 17, 2019

My eight year of MY non smoker life style is lived ONE day at a time. I pray before I get out of bed and I pray for this recovery from nicotine site. I live MY day - checking in here through out MY day. MY solutions to MY everyday life is to pray first then read the CURRENT blogs- there isnt many of the people who helped ME 8 years ago active today - three current from MY EARLY recovery days - I made the decision TODAY to share the loss of two of our friends have gone to HEAVEN- we have 2 funerals to attend- living TODAY using death sticks does NOT even come to MY NEW mind- set - TODAY- I read blogs from newbies here then I have to really think back what I use to be like- then I can share- yet most days I just congratulate newbies- I have decided that I will be coming only on MY anniversary date from NOW which is January 6, 2011- I am NOT spiritually fit to be HELPFUL at this TIME too grief stricken and  I am taking TIME to grieve the loss of our family friends and should MY Lord Jesus tarry I will be out living MY non smoker life style and still sharing this site with the next suffering nicotine addict out in the world - goodbye for now - gentle hug.