Blog Post created by chuck-2-20-2011 on Apr 16, 2019

Good day all,


I hope this finds you well. Spring is upon us and with spring comes thoughts of renewal, and dreams of a brighter future in the warmth of the sun. I’ve always loved spring. Even now, as I ponder other facets of my life.


One thing I’ve learned, even in sorrow is that I’m content with my life. And you know why? Simply because I quit smoking all those years ago. When I first began my journey I, like you had no idea of what to expect. And like most, I wasn’t even sure I could ever achieve an escape from addiction.


But in the end with hard work, I discovered freedom from addiction. Thing is, I’m just now starting to realize all of the emotional benefits in my life. The constant stress that I used to feel has now just melted away. I no longer constantly dread going places where smoking isn’t allowed.


I can actually enjoy a drive and yes, I can look at the beauty that surrounds me even as I cherish each fresh breath of air that I take.


I have a tough day tomorrow. It would’ve been my sons 35th birthday, so of course there will probably be some tears. There will probably also be an opportunity to begin celebrating his life rather than mourning his death. I know it’s a little soon for an event like this, and I’m asking for strength for both my wife and I.


All I know is that were I still a smoker right now, that’s all I’d be doing. Smoking one after another, never realizing that this exercise is an exercise derived of addiction and rather than focusing on the problem, I’d be focusing on the cigarette.


And looking back at my past life of smoking, I’ll never forget what a slave I was. I’ll never forget how badly I wanted to find freedom but most of all I’ll never forget the people who were with me on this incredible journey. The ones who talked me down when I needed it and encouraged me to continue on so that like them, I too could feel this indescribable peace that can only come from freedom. That I too could feel for myself just what renewal looks like!


And like them, I too want you to feel the wonders that await you!