Blog Post created by chuck-2-20-2011 on Apr 14, 2019

Good day my friends,


Life goes on. My heart is broken, but mending. I have questions but with questions come answers so long as we seek them. I travel on into this strange new world that’s just a little more empty right now as I learn once again what normal is.


I will continue on, always seeking the peace that I so love to be in my life. And I will use the lessons that life has already taught me to learn the new lessons that this new life will bring. At times, I look forward to this. Other times I dread it but rest assured that in the end I will find that peace.


I understand that my step son made a choice to leave a world that he just couldn’t quite understand. I also understand that his decision was not made because of a lack of love. And once we reach that point where we can remember him without feeling the pain of loss, we will then be able to celebrate his life.


We will then be able to remember his kindness to others and his laughter that lit up his entire face. We will remember the lessons that he taught us over the years. That it’s so much more meaningful to help another, rather than just stay home and think about it. That finding ways to make other people happy; to make them laugh is a way to find a joy within yourself. To always look at your own faults before criticizing the faults of others. This is how he’ll live in my heart and it’ll bring a new kind of joy. One that can only come from inside, where the soul lives.


And yes, I’m still an EX and you know what? I now know that I’m an EX forever! I do hope that all of you can stay on the path of change. As I’m learning now, change can be scary but because I chose to quit so long ago, I also know how to make it the best it can be until change is no longer change but instead is the new normal.


Keep fighting for freedom! Keep honoring yourself with every smoke free day!! We all deserve a chance. All we have to do is take it and one day you’ll look back with a smile because of what you chose to do today!