Who's hungry?!?!?!

Blog Post created by CarynS on Apr 9, 2019

Oh my God!! I think I've eaten my weight in food today  and feel like a water buffalo. 

This will pass and dopamine receptors and what not but I'm somewhere around 40ish days and 10-12 lbs.

I'm okay with the gain for now but should probably start roping the cravings in. I dont eat one twizzler or celery, I eat them all, then all the pickles, grapes,  a whole pack of gum .. dessert every meal!!!

I do some Crossfit, some yoga, still bouncing on the trampoline, so that's going okay. Shy of a gallon of water per day... still gained the weight.


***But the question is, when does this part pass? Oh and do we have a ovulation/ luteal phase post, or do we not talk about that? I'm sure we must!! If not, next post is "Ovulated and ate a small village" - coming soon...