Day 114 and looking forward

Blog Post created by DonnaMarie on Apr 10, 2019

Still not smoking and still pretty proud of my derned self.


In a couple of weeks, both my husband and my sister will be gone for the weekend. I am going to begin by saying I won't smoke, but I need to keep that resolve super strong. In the past, as I've mentioned before, when Richard goes out of town, I've smoked like a chimney. This time, my sister won't be here either, so I'll be on my own. My former self would take advantage of the situation and misbehave. I'm not going to do that. Nope. N.O.P.E. I will maintain my smobriety and try to appreciate my aloneness for what it is. Dang, I wish I wasn't an addict and wish this wasn't even an issue. I will not smoke.


The countdown is on. One week from today, this ding dang dong sling will be off my arm. I may not feel all that great for a while as PT will be kicking my hiney, but it's okay.


I talked to my neighbor about quitting smoking and she gave me hope about my violent dislike of the smell of smoke. She was the same way and is a long way from that now. Gives me something to look forward to!


Nothing very exciting in my life right now. Here's hoping everyone is having a wonderful smoke-free Wednesday.



Day 114

A quilt I made for the early intervention center my twins attended. They were about 2 here, so this is about 1986. They remained in the program for 3 years (they were premature and developmentally delayed) and I stayed on as a volunteer, later as an employee, and now as a supporter forever. I can't believe they're both 34 now and ruling the world.