Day 110

Blog Post created by DonnaMarie on Apr 6, 2019

Still not posting much, but am painting a lot. Here are 3 of the many rocks I've painted. I'm beyond bored living with one arm! LOL I know this is too much information, but I might have figured out how to pull up my own unkies this morning. Like they say in the commercial, "I'm a big girl now." 


Learning to do new things is keeping me distracted and painting, along with hand sewing, helps. My sister has taken over the kitchen, but I do my one-handed helping when I can. I took my picker upper tool and picked up pine cones yesterday. Look at me go! 1-1/2 weeks left in the sling. And counting.


I have thought about smoking more than I'm comfortable with, but I don't do that anymore. It's a combination of my husband being out of town and boredom, I'm sure. Plus, sleep is still not super comfortable, so I could make bad decisions. I won't, but I could. The quitter in me won't let it happen. I'm putting it out here to process it "out loud" and keep myself in check. This quit and my health are too precious to me to bust it now.


My daughter is driving to VA from Boston today. She starts her new job in Richmond on Monday. We couldn't be prouder of her. Her husband is staying in Boston until May, when their lease is up. She'll fly back a couple times to help continue to pack up the house and hang out with him. Overall, my three kids have done okay for themselves and that's really what having them was all about, right? Raising children who are able to take on the world on their own? 


I got a new box of paint pens today, metallic, like the dark rock in the picture. I might have to try them out later. I've also made several baby balls, but haven't stuffed them yet. This is what they look like stuffed. 

I prepped a bunch before surgery so I'd have hand sewing to do. The ones I'm working on are high contrast like the black and white. I also have red and white. Idle hands are not a good thing. 


I wish you all a beautiful, smoke-free weekend. I'll be reading, but still won't be typing as much as I was until I get two hands in better shape. 



Day 110