Posting on behalf Of Linda Mustafa

Blog Post created by ShawnP Champion on Apr 3, 2019

Celebrating 5 Beautiful Years of Smoke ( Poison ) Free


Hi everyone at my EX Family , I hope that you are all in good spirits . I’ve missed my friends here and I do hope that you are well. This post is going to be a post of gratitude, thankfulness , appreciation and respect for everyone who has advised , encouraged and supported me throughout your journey. Without you guys and you ALL know who you are this journey would’ve been much much harder and lonelier and it wouldn’t have had the strength and greatness it has when shared with the group . To the newbies please listen to and take note from the elders on the group , it’s of utmost importance that you do because they all have been there and done it ( including myself ) so they are in the position to give that advice and support when need it without being judgmental or biased . I truly wish everyone and each of you the very best in life and like I said I miss my friends and please please if you are on FB or Instagram send me a friend request so we can stay in touch . Celebrating 5 years of poison free on the su4th of April 2019 means a great deal to me , it’s the steps , the positive decisions , the tools given here and learned , sheer willingness and dedication I’ve applied to each day since the beginning five years ago and I will continue to do so in the future . The elders /my friends of this group have been extremely loving , caring , helpful , encouraging and supportive throughout and it’s a privilege to me that I did not let them down and I hope that they are all proud of me as I am with them . No it wasn’t easy ( at times extremely hard) to curb a 27 years old addiction but it was doable and it feels great to have been able to do so with this groups help and my resolve . Wishing you all the very best x Linda (linda.mustafa) 1825 DOF


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