I could not sleep.....

Blog Post created by indingrl.01.06.2011 on Mar 28, 2019

so I came here to read blogs and to TRY to be HELPFUL to those who are SUFFERING just from becoming human in their OWN skin for the first TIME without using NICOTINE to COPE being human for the first TIME- with newness and weight gain and just those FEELINGS that whisper inside MY head - your NEVER gonna make it without smoking- just forget about it and SMOKE- MY OLD NICOTINE life style called constantly obsessive craving to go backwards in the beginning of MY recovery - then I remembered the - SUGGESTIONS made to ME to educate MYSELF on MY NICOTINE ADDICTION - just MINE- to read read read the blogs here from those WHO are living NON SMOKER lives- I did read and read and read and read some MORE and CHOSE - what worked for ME- I blogged the emotions I use to smoke over- I blogged to just vent about ME and MY stinking thinking- i blogged BEFORE I use NICOTINE so EVERYONE here could offer their OWN SUGGESTIONS to carry ME when I didn't know what to do- so PLEASE give YOUR self TIME if you are struggling- and suffering to get through NEW or OLD fffeeeelllings of belonging of living NICOTINE FREE for the FIRST time or for ANOTHER try try try or thinking feeling and feeling thinking - or just couldn't sleep - PLEASE know - it all passes and more will be revealed as YOU CHOOSE wisely to NEVER TAKE ANOTHER PUFF EVER and wait for the HELPFUL SUGGESTIONS and experience to come - wait for US - WE- OUR- TOGETHER- NOT ONE PUFF EVER over ourselves- PLEASE take what HELPS and let go of the rest - thank you- gentle hug.