Last day of double digits

Blog Post created by DonnaMarie on Mar 26, 2019

Tomorrow, I graduate to the triple digit club. For today, I'm basking in the day 99ness of it all. 


I visited the surgeon for a follow up and to see what comes next. Everything looks good and I'm free to add a certain exercise. In three weeks, I start physical therapy and lose the sling. I get to drive again then as well. 


On the way home, Richard and I stopped by the store and ended up stopping at a stoplight. The driver in front of us was smoking. Two things crossed my mind - 1) I'm glad that's not me and 2) I felt kind of sorry for her. I don't have to do that anymore. That's a beautiful feeling.


Thoughts to Kathy Strudel today. 


And wishes of hope and strength to all of those who are early in their quit journey and possibly still having a hard time. Look at me. I did this and you can too. I was more of a lifer than I care to admit and now I have quit. 


P.S. I'm typing with two hands again. I have a regular keyboard hooked up to the laptop and am figuring out how to do this per the doctor's instructions, but I'm doing it!



Day 99