3000 only by GOD....and....

Blog Post created by indingrl.01.06.2011 on Mar 25, 2019

HIS grace uoon grace upon grace upon grace upon GRACE - YAHOOOO -  3000 NON SMOKER LIVING MY LIFE STYLE NICOTINE FREE DAYS OF MY TESTING - MY TRIALS- MY FAILURES - MY TRY AND TRY AGAIN - MY NEVER TAKE ANOTHER PUFF EVER OVER ME!!!  ONLY by GOD and HIS love and HIS GRACE and HIS tender mercies has GOD ALONE kept ME hidden in MY Lord Jesus by MY Holy Spirit cleaning ME inside and out by MY FAITH in MY Lord Jesus name amen - please I am talking about ME not anyone else - please take what HELPS and let GO of the rest - thank you - MY victory overcoming ME and throughout MY very beginning of MY NEW mind set of EDUCATING MYSELF ABOUT MY NICOTINE EXCUSES - SUGGESTIONS made by those here at this recovery site by those who are walking their talk here AND also at in MY recovery group there too -"the ELDERS here at this recovery site SUGGESTING to ME -  reading Joel's FREE book- NEVER TAKE ANOTHER PUFF EVER - I am so grateful to Joel at for his teaching NICOTINE ADDICTS for over 40 YEARS and showing Bryon's video on his early death from his using NICOTINE and HIS FAMILY who wanted to HELP others addicted to NICOTINE- they HELPED ME awaken out of MY denial about MY NICOTINE ADDICTION - IN MY beginning at 3 months NICOTINE FREE - MY 1st REALITY of life on life's terms was the  killing of MY brother in love by a drunk driver - MY prayer - Holy Spirit HELP- then i came here and told them what happened and asked for traveling tools to go out of state - driving with NO cigs for the first time - I spoke up at the house where family gathered at after the burial and asked PLEASE smoke outside I quit smoking 3 months ago and they CHOSE to smoke outside and this year 2018-  I went to visit MY mom and we gathered at the same house for turkey day and I am 8 years NICOTINE FREE - ONLY by God's grace and I asked if they would please smoke outside and they did- I am so grateful I chose to use the experiences shared here by ALL - some SUGGESTIONS worked for ME and some did NOT - I chose to STAY NICOTINE FREE anyway and to  keep learning and healing and growing. - day by day and to have victory over ME and MY thinking and MY feelings to be responsible for ME and MY non smoker life style living- breath by breath - moment by moment - trials and tests- in January 2017 MY daughter was in alcoholic  coma 8 day and TODAY is alive and smoking and waiting for instructions on HOW to get on waiting list for a NEW LIVER- attention PLEASE -  its HER life CHOICES and HER OWN LIFE to live as she CHOOSES- HER life is - NOT MY life - TWO separate people - TWO separate lives - that took this RECOVERING co-dependant seeking people approval NO MORE -  32 YEARS of working on ME and MY past issues- I am a survivor of childhood rape at age 6 to 15 yrs old- thanks to PROFESSIONAL therapy and then SUGGESTED to go to a Bible based incest survivor group - 30 YEARS ago- then 31 YEARS ago NEXT with no ALCOHOL for coping - when I was FOUR years SOBER-  I found out MY 3rd Xhusband was raping MY kids and then the long suffering court system to fight to put him away-  he was sentenced - that was NO ALCOHOL or drugs involved!!! Yes i was a born again  BELIEVER smoking 50 cigs a day at thar TIME!!! Next came - no CHOCOLATE and its been 13 YEARS-  no caffine for 7 YEARS ago and 3000 DAYS CONTINUOUS DAYS NICOTINE FREE- TODAY MARCH 25, 2019 AND JUST COMPLETED 21 DAY DANIEL FAST - VEGGIES AND WATER!!!! HOORAY FOR MY DADDY GOD AND MY LORD JESUS AND MY PRECIOUS HOLY COMFORTER AND ME!!!  I love the praise song - Victory in Jesus - Victory in Jesus MY love forever - who bought ME and brought ME in HIS redeeming blood - and in MY bible - it  is written - I am Christ's and Christ is God's -  Yahoooooooooo- 3000 days in Christ Jesus VICTORY!!! Thanks for letting me share - and FYI  life still happens- YOUR CHOICE TO LIVE OR DIE- WE - US - OUR - CHOOSE - NEVER TAKE ANOTHER PUFF EVER- OVER ME!!! NOT TODAY!!!!!!WAY TO GO INDIN GRL! GOOD JOB! CONGRATS STAYING NICOTINE FREE LIVING MY OWN NON SMOKER LIFE STYLE in MY Lord Jesus name amen - when any ONE is in love with some ONE- don't they just go around telling everyone who will listen to them - how much they love that person- i have often wondered how some people get upset -  so angry - so mean - so nasty -   when I speak of MY love for MY Lord Jesus-  then I remember - AH HA -  but for the grace of God go I - WHAT I USE TO BE LIKE- a sinner saved by God's GRACE- amen.