Day 96

Blog Post created by DonnaMarie on Mar 22, 2019

I have run out of prepared images with the number of quit days on them.  I started collecting quit smoking clipart and adding numbers in December. My plan was to use artwork to mark the days and made 95 edited images. Now, I'm out! I never imagined that I'd use them all. I'm not making more with numbers on them. I'll still keep track, but feel almost giddy about graduating to numberless images!


Sleep is still goofy with the sling, but not worrying about that. I'll get back to sleeping in the bed when I get back to it. No deep shoulder pain this morning. I had planned cutting back on the pain meds tomorrow, and it looks like that will happen! 


It is supposed to be nice weather-wise today.  I might even see a short stroll in my future!



Day 96