Day 12

Blog Post created by hattonc on Mar 21, 2019

Good evening..

its been a long and stressful day.. took my granddaughter to the Dr this morning and they ended up putting her in the hospital.. she will be 6mths old on the 28th of this month .. she has RSV and just sounds terrible.. but she’s eating good so they just want to keep her and see how she does tonight.. hopefully it will start clearing up .. still no caving in to the cigs for me.. I want to breathe... I’m trying to get my daughter to quit smoking .. my other daughter is an RN and was telling me about a patient she had last night with COPD and flu. She smoked 3 pks a day ..she’s not doing well at all..when I hear this kind of stuff it terrifies me.. I’m glad I can come here to vent ..