Day 93 and stuff

Blog Post created by DonnaMarie on Mar 19, 2019

Yep, this is me. Just a bit of a scaredy cat. I know I'll be fine and I know all will go well, but the human inside of me (I know, I am not really superhuman! Shocking.) is feeling like a little kid about to go to the dentist or the principal's office. You know, that feeling. 


The surgery tomorrow is a re-do of the incomplete job I had done in August, but this time, there's immobility involved for a pretty good while, and I truly do feel like I'm in the dark as to what comes next. I've prepped as best I can with food, laundry, rearranging furniture in the living room so I can sleep in the recliner and work at a desk, put away the sewing machine for a while, and untold number of other stuff around the house. Argh. 


I went to the grocery store earlier to pick up some last minute things and was really, really in the danger zone as far as smoking goes. I haven't been anxious in a while and didn't realize what a trigger it is. I dreamed of smoking last night, which is not that unusual, but the desire to smoke today was really strong. I'm home and in my safe zone now. Whew.


Here's hoping everyone is having a beautiful, smoke-free, easy breathing day. 



Day 93