Day 91 and pre surgery jitters have begun

Blog Post created by DonnaMarie on Mar 17, 2019

9 days from 100!!!! I'm a nonsmoker, y'all.


I'm having some shoulder (rotator cuff) repair done on 3/20. That means today, I started doing laundry, cleaning my bedroom, finishing some undone sewing projects, and thinking about shopping for foods I can fix one-handed. I've been (excuse the bluntness!) practicing pulling up my pants after going potty with just one hand. Lawdamercy, I do not want to ask for help with that. Or any of the other personal care things we have to do for ourselves. Thankfully, it's my left shoulder and I'm right-handed, so I hope to not be too debilitated. I set up a desk in the living room to put the laptop on rather than trying to work with it on my lap. I understand I'll have free movement of my hand, just not the arm.


Other than trying to figure out what I'm doing for surgery, I came closer to finishing a couple of rocks I'm doing for two friends of my daughter's. Their mom died a couple years ago and Allison (my daughter) asked me to make a couple memory rocks. Here's the front of one and the back of the other. BTW, the cat's name is Seven and he was her price and joy. 


This rock is primarily decoupage as there's no way I can paint that gorgeous cat. I need to let everything dry (I had to repair some of the white base coat) and then seal them. After that, I'll let them dry and mail the to the sisters. It makes me feel good to make something that people can hold as a memory, ya know?


Now it's time to make dinner, finish watching the race, and do some work. Gotta get paid!



Day 91