Heading to PGM our church home!

Blog Post created by indingrl.01.06.2011 on Mar 16, 2019

WE have been attending Pacific Garden Missions for FOUR YEARS and it is OUR home church. Please take what HELPS and let go of the rest - thank you. MY husband and I are heading to Pacific Garden Mission in Chicago IL at 1pm TODAY - they HELP  ALL people who freely CHOOSE for them selves - who want HELP to change their OWN life styles - they OFFER homeless persons or people that want a NEW LIFE IN OUR LORD CHRIST JESUS - thet offer the FREE opportunity to get on their OWN feet and to CHOOSE for their OWN NEW life programs - it is bible based - they offer CHOICES - to go back to school or job training programs or bible certificate programs for mission work or to become a pastor or drug counselors - or in house 90 day drug treatment program that is bible based to get off drugs of ALL kinds or get GED or go to bible college or learn a trade to get a good job - they HELP with all ADDICTIONS - its is a MISSION field building that offers ALL sorts of HELP to people from ALL walks of life- WE cleaned OUR closet OUT of gently used clothing- OUR clothes that have not been worn by us for over  6 months-  clothes that  just hang there in the closet so WE just gathered those clothes -  two bags of love clothing to donate and just called to go on a tour with a group of STRANGERS from ALL over the world - Wisconsin Tennessee Chicago Florida just to name a few and  bus loads of people come from churchs from surrounding cities that volunteer to HELP serve supper - which WE did every other saturday - it is so much fun to be HELPFUL and some people that CHOSE to use their vacation to come and see the building that houses the radio program called .- unshackled--  also PGM has been HELPING PEOPLE since 1877 - please check out website for YOURSELF - don't just take MY word on it - thanks for letting ME share- just fyi - PGM has been OUR HOME CHURCH for 4 YEARS now- HOORAY FOR JESUS- its on T.V. on channel 75 -  in Illinois - the channel is called the Total living network. You just might see US in the audience tonight! Gentle hug.