Day 90 and dogs, dogs, dogs

Blog Post created by DonnaMarie on Mar 16, 2019

Guess which one is me. I'm not the one in the cop uniform. 


This morning was Fido Fest. It's put on my the county where I live and it's a day filled with activities for people and their dogs. The police volunteers were set up to do Child ID, but they needed one of us to do McGruff. I've never been inside one of those costumes in my life so said, "what the hell?" and suited up. Ben, the police officer, walked me around because I couldn't see diddly. We took a ton of pictures with little kids and grownups with their dogs. The shadow in the lower left of the picture is of a local television guy. No one will ever know it was me, but there you go, my anonymous moment of fame.


After everything was done and I was in my car leaving, damn, did I want a cigarette. Thankfully, I still have cinnamon sticks in the car - on purpose. I held and played with one until I was almost home and tucked it away for the next crisis moment. That's my first cinnamon stick in a couple weeks! The challenge is never over, is it?


So, my morning was spent with dogs, cops, and people, and now the afternoon and evening are going to be a little quieter and I'll work later. 


Here's to working day 90 and many more smoke-free days ahead.



Day 90