Raise A Flag

Blog Post created by JonesCarpeDiem on Mar 14, 2019

You gotta raise a flag  You gotta take a stand

Smoking doesn't get up and leave your head without a plan


Plan new things for times you'll miss   you may get mad, you may get pissed

Expect to have your feelings hurt, some days may feel as low as dirt

Time will play it's silly games,  rains will come to freshen and clean

Flowers will grow, things will green,

hard days will grow far between


Feelings, tears, and  fears will pass, get yourself up off your ass

It'll all pass, in time   it'll all pass in time,

BELIEVE, BE SURE  and you'll be fine



If you can do a single day  you can do that week away

A month is not too much  We'll hold your hand and be your coach

Be in this for you to find freedom that you never knew

Let positive thoughts support your choice  

talk yourself through Hear Your Voice