Day 88 and dog things

Blog Post created by DonnaMarie on Mar 14, 2019

Still smoke free after all these days! Working on day 88 as we speak and though I've been grossed out and a tiny bit stressed, I haven't even thought about smoking. Today, I'm trying to keep in mind that overeating is not an option just like smoking is not an option. 


Abbey wore her cone of shame with pride last night. The vet gave us a new one, but it was an el-cheapo and I definitely didn't think it would hold up. I had this one from the last time she needed to wear one, so cleaned it up and on it went. She did fine overnight, though needed to go out at about 2. Argh. 


This morning, I took off the collar to give her some comfort. Later we found some blood drops on the floor and it turned out the incision on the back of her leg came open. It took me a while to figure it out because they just did a little kind of scratch thing to biopsy the second lump. So far, her leg is dry and we're thinking the bleeding has stopped. I thought maybe she had bitten it, but I think it was just movement. At any rate, she sees to be fine now and she's no longer acting like a drug addict. If I continue to find blood (which I haven't thus far), I'll get her back to the vet lickity split. 


I put off some appointments I had today to hang out with Abbey. We're getting ready to hit the back yard and just breathe in some of this beautiful weather we're having here in Virginia today. 


Side note: Last night when I got up with the dog around 2 a.m., I had a fleeting thought of smoking. Going out with her in the middle of the night is definitely a time I would have smoked in the past. But it truly was a fleeting and not powerful thought that I can't even call an urge. Old habits and activities being done in a new way are so empowering. To anyone just starting their smoke-free voyage, I urge you to gain strength from every moment like this. I took the dog out without smoking and a) didn't die and b) became even stronger in my quit. Don't ever give up and see each moment as one more step to never smoking again.


Here's hoping everyone is having a marvelous, smoke-free Thursday. 



Day 88