Day 85, almost 86

Blog Post created by DonnaMarie on Mar 11, 2019

It's been a very busy day. My daughter's job interview was today, so I drove her to Richmond and was back by 11. Her husband (who was already in Richmond) picked her up after her day with the agency, and now they're both back in Boston. I've been too involved in stuff to even think about smoking, so that's a good thing. After my two-hour car trip, I set out to find spredable brie. I know, that's a weird thing to do, but none of my usual stores had it! I got my preop blood work done, dropped by the elder law legal office to pick up some paperwork, then came home and eventually got to work. Work has been challenging because there are big changes and no one knows what they're doing. We'll get there, but it was fluster city for a while there.


But, the most important part of today is that it's day 85 of not smoking! And the place I went to have blood drawn earlier is where it began - the hospital. I still can't believe I just plain old stopped when I left there in December. 


It's just about Tuesday on the east coast. How'd this day slip by so fast!?!?



Day 85