Day 82

Blog Post created by DonnaMarie on Mar 8, 2019

I gained a pound this week, which I'm not going to stress over, but it did encourage me to walk today. I generally walk every other day, but as I mentioned yesterday, I feel like if I want to move tomorrow, I have to walk today. I tried to let my mind wander as I walked today. I wanted to be out of my own set of thoughts for a bit, a kind of meditative thing, but my mind is always on. I'm thinking that my mind relaxed some and that's better than racing all the damned time, right? No profound revelations today, but yup, I got the walk done and I have the best walking partner (though all she does is sit and watch).



One thing I did remind myself is that quitting smoking and walking are both extremely life-affirming. Any kind of movement is life-affirming; mine happens to be putting one foot in front of the other. 


As for day 82, I'm celebrating by giving away one of my quit smoking rocks. This is not my tiny personal one. I'll keep that forever. I'm hoping by setting this bigger one free in the community that it just might speak to someone else. 

Not sure when I'll go out and place it somewhere, but I will!


No big plans for my Friday. Next week is filled with stuff I have to do - recheck of bladder for recurrence of cancer (fingers crossed), blood work for surgery, rescheduling a couple of appointments that interfere with new surgery date, groceries that are easy to cook with one arm, and all that fun stuff. We decided not to plant a full garden due to me not having two arms for a while, but I am definitely going to add dirt to my deck planters and do my bush green beans there since they're easy peasy. 


Y'all have a great day!



Day 82