Out of the 70s and on to day 80!

Blog Post created by DonnaMarie on Mar 6, 2019

Here it is, the next decade of days of no smoking - day 80.


I had to run errands this morning in Richmond and on the way home, I stopped for a drink and a snack. I stood there at the counter staring at the wall of cigarettes behind the cashier. I think the price has gone down here in VA! I stared hard, then harder, and then harder still. I was momentarily bewildered by why I ever bought and smoked those things. I did not want to buy them today, not even an iota of want. That's new! And it's beautiful. 


I won't let my guard down, but I might be over smoking. I am an addict, but I stared at the monster this morning and then walked away. 


My car is now serviced for year. I took the long and scenic way home, visited the orthopedist to get my sling fitted for the upcoming shoulder fix, then hit up Fresh Market for fruits and veggies. 


Day 80. It's been a remarkable day and I'm grateful for it. 



Day 80