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Please take what HELPS and let go of the rest -  to be HELPFUL is MY only aim - thank you -  it is wonderful to HELP and to give the -  H.O.P.E. away to anyone who CHOOSES to BELIEVE - THIS WONDERFUL NEW DAY -  EACH individual gets to CHOOSE THEIR OWN PERSONAL RECOVERY DAY. I CHOOSE to live NICOTINE DRUG FREE THIS WONDERFUL DAY. I have been here on THIS SITE for over EIGHT YEARS - I am talking about ME not anyone else - MY beginning here - I used MY drug NICOTINE and read blogs in October - November and December of 2010. - while eating healthy and exercising everyday! I am a born again Christ Jesus believer since November 6,1986 - and. I TRIED MANY attempts to stop using MY drug nicotine at MY CHOICE and to do it on MINE OWN- I FAILED AGAIN AND AGAIN -  YET  in Gods perfect TIMING -  A MIRACLE happened -  I drop to MY knees and prayed-  Dear Jesus if you dont take these cigs from ME i will smoke them until i drop dead in Jesus name amen. - that was MY prayer- MY NICOTINE ADDICT TRUTH in ME and out loud to MY Saviour and MY Lord Jesus -  I finally surrendered MY NICOTINE ADDICTION - then the next morning -  MY Lord Jesus gave ME A COLD TURKEY QUIT ON JAN 6- 2011 and ONLY by God's grace upon grace - I come here to THIS SITE TO HELP -each new day MY Daddy God blesses ME with to HELP  and what is so WONDERFUL is - GOD and ALL of you that come everday to HELP ME .- Thank you so much to EACH INDIVIDUAL CHOOSING TO TELL - YOUR OWN INDIVIDUAL RECOVERY giving ME -  H.O.P.E.  this DAY.  and for THE WONDERFUL UNITY- THE WONDERFUL TEACHERS - THE WONDERFUL  RECOVERIES of MY NEW FAMILY - each individual - living their OWN NEW NON SMOKER LIFE STYLE -  IN THEIR OWN WAY- the VARIETY IS SO COOL - this gives anyone - MANY CHOICES OF DIFFERENT RECOVERIES to TRY on and if it doesn't work. then TRY on another -  and for ME day by day -  it is -  IN HIS LOVE -   regardless of EACH individuals PERSONAL life CHOICES -  I continue in HIS LOVE to HELP the next LONG SUFFERING NICOTINE ADDICT to  H.O.P.E. !!!! THEY GET TO CHOOSE FOR THEMSELVES TO  Hear. -Other.   People's. Experience and the CHOICE is for YOURSELF  - what WONDERFUL works for YOU - life on lifes terms still is GOING TO HAPPEN- good bad or indifferent or just a poopie day- it will PASS and then thousands upon ten thousands of  feeeeeelllliiings will come and go - YOU GET TO TELL YOUR FEELINGS HOW YOU CHOOSE TO RESPOND TO YOUR OWN NON SMOKER LIFE NOT ANYONE ELSE'S LIFE -  YET the WONDERFUL is ALL on YOU- to REMAIN IN UNITY with US here on THIS site to - NEVER TAKE ANOTHER PUFF EVER- just for THIS DAY ONLY. gentle hug.