Day 78 and wondering

Blog Post created by DonnaMarie on Mar 4, 2019

22 days until I reach triple digits!


Not just here at EX, but elsewhere, I've seen people state that they have to quit, but they don't want to. I get concerned when I see that. Without the want, how is a quit going to successfully happen? I personally don't believe it will. 


I've quit so many times and each one was fraught with "it's not fair that I can't smoke and they can" or "I really want to smoke" and so on. I didn't have my head and heart in it because I didn't really want to quit. I had made decisions to quit for a bit maybe, but not for good. 


This time, I truly said to myself that I didn't want to buy another pack or smoke another cigarette. I had the want going. 


Can you quit if you don't want to? If you do, will you stay quit? Can you turn it around and make yourself want it? 


Happy 78 days to me!



Day 78