Day 77

Blog Post created by DonnaMarie on Mar 3, 2019

It's day 77 and I almost forgot to celebrate it here with a blog post. But here I am!


Richard and I had another date! In Williamsburg, VA, most of the colonial and historical area is on Duke of Gloucester Street, which is closed to traffic. It's a one mile stretch from the College of William and Mary to the colonial capitol at the other end. It's a very popular place for W&M students to run, for people to walk with their dogs, or just to go sight seeing. Welp, we had to go down that way for something else and decided to take a walk from end to end. We talked the whole way. That's not totally remarkable, but it is for someone who used to smoke and maybe needed to focus on breathing the last time she walked that road in November 2018. 


We had a grand time. If I had known it wasn't going to be busy, I'd have taken my dog. Maybe next week. I have to do it before Colonial Williamsburg gets busy; too many dogs, distractions, and people to take my ADD dog for a walk


It's been a slow day here otherwise. Sewing. Painting. Just hanging out. I suspect it's going to be a quiet evening and then boom, bedtime again.


Hope everyone's weekend is coming to a beautiful close.



Day 77