The Journey Continues

Blog Post created by dwills on Mar 2, 2019

Hello Everyone,

I am still here and smoke free!! I was having some difficulty logging onto the site on my cell.I want to share that this last 1 month 23 days 17 hours and 5 or 6 minutes has kicked my butt. Emotionally i feel wiped out. I am feeling so bitchy to everyone in my path. My husband takes the brunt of it. I tear up for no reason. I have come so close to caving and heading to the gas station. What has stopped me each time is having to re do day one!!I am working so hard to keep my quit # 1. It gets so difficult at times. I do not want this to be total doom and gloom so i will add i am very proud of my strength. I know that life goes on but it sure seems like the tests keep coming!! I'm So glad to be back on this site. Went to the Bon Fire (i believe i was late) but it was brought to my attention that i have missed 1097 cigarettes!! YAY!! Everyone here is great!! It is so helpful to realize that i am not alone on this journey.


Great to be Back!!