Day 75

Blog Post created by DonnaMarie on Mar 1, 2019

Had a wonderful date with Richard last night. We saw a Flatt and Scruggs tribute band and man, could they play bluegrass like nobody's business. It always amazes me to see a musician handle an instrument in such a way that meaningful music comes out of it. I'm not a musician in any sense of the word, so much respect to those of you who are. These guys last night blew us away, and I'm not even a bluegrass fan. The bonus is that the theater was build in 1928 and brought back to life between 1999 and 2011, and it's a historic landmark now. The building itself was spectacular in an old theater kind of way. My kind of night out.


The hourish drive to the venue did NOT include a smoking urge. I didn't realize until we got home and I had zero urges while we were out. And that leads to my news for today - it's day 75! Only 25 more before it's triple digits. 


No big plans this weekend. I think I'm going to do some fabric prep for sewing and maybe hit a grocery store for some fresh stuff. 


Hope everyone is having a smoke-free Friday!



Day 75


Who we saw and where we saw them. Dinner was at Chez McDonalds. You can't do everything fancy! LOL