Day 74 and will NML ever end?

Blog Post created by DonnaMarie on Feb 28, 2019

Of course it will end, but the whole urge thing is still unexpected. Thankfully, today hasn't been filled with them.


The friend I visited with last night - I've known here for 40+ years. We used to go out to bars and smoke and drink, and all that stuff that 20-somethings do. Last night, we were talking and she remembered the exact date (in the 1980s) when she and I both quit smoking on a National Smokeout day and signed a promise to each other not to smoke that day and night. She never smoked again. She said she doesn't understand how I can smoke and then just up and quit. I told her I hoped I was done with that, or as elvan says, NOPE not hope. It was a good conversation that took me way back to my days of smoke/not smoke/smoke/not smoke, etc. I like this determined not smoking much better.


I have plans today that will keep me busy enough to not deal with the confusion of NML. Little nap, shower, then Richard and I have a date tonight. We're going to a bluegrass concert in a town nearby. We might even go nuts and go out to eat (McDonald's is out to eat with my husband; he has very simple tastes!). 


Walking is done for today and a bunch of painting. Laundry to put in the dryer. Isn't life exciting? LOL


Happy day 74 to me!



Day 74