Day 72 and stupid MRI

Blog Post created by DonnaMarie on Feb 26, 2019

I'm heading for triple digits! In another month, I'll be there and I do believe I'll make it.


I'm in get healthy mode, in case I haven't said that enough lately. I'm prepping for potential shoulder surgery and had an MRI of said shoulder today. I'm here to say loud and clear - "I do not like MRIs!"  I'm not the first and not the last person to have one of these scans, but ick. They give you earphones because it's so loud, but for most of the 25 minutes of "stay still!," it sounded like Desi Arnez beating the bongo drums really fast. I tried to make a tune out of it or play with the rhythm, but as soon as I'd get a hand on it, the noise would change. 25 minutes never seemed so long. Whew, I'm glad that's done with.


The rain has been stopped for a couple days now and the ground was dry enough today to do my walk. Even my dog was excited to be outside instead of stuck inside. She ran and played and we volleyed the basketball around the yard a bit. Normally, she just hangs out while I walk. This time, she was like a puppy. The painter was here and finished up the trim outside, just touching up here and there, and my front door is freshly painted after  years of dogs scratching their intentions to get inside onto it. 


I got out a bit after the MRI. I headed to Joann for fabric shopping therapy. Of course, I bought a piece. It's a habit I'm going to have to give up someday!


Sorry I haven't been around today. Just haven't felt like being on the computer, but did want to vent about the MRI and check in for the pledge. 


Happy Tuesday!



Day 72