Day 71 and a declaration

Blog Post created by DonnaMarie on Feb 25, 2019

I've moved today. At least for a week. I'm now living in a town called Healthy City. Visitors are welcome.

I've been trying hard to get my eating under control and start exercising, even a little bit!, again. I've been doing a little here and a little there, but now I'm ready to bump it up a bit. I found a fun video to do on Amazon Prime, simple dance moves for people in their senior years. LOL I don't care. It was movement and it was a start.


I may be having my shoulder re-repaired and need to be in my healthiest form if I'm going under the knife again. Hopefully for the last time for a long time. Seems like I'm always getting something fixed. MRI is tomorrow. We'll see! 


So, to add to today being day 71 of quitting smoking, it's also day 1 of living in Healthy City. The rules for me are to a) not smoke, b) eat within my plan, c) get some movement, d) get some sleep, e) keep track of my blood sugar. 


Every day is a chance to begin again and today, I'm jumping on it!



Day 71