Blog Post created by anaussiemom on Feb 19, 2019

Somewhere over the rainbow,
Bluebirds fly.
If birds can fly over over the rainbow,
Then why, then why can't
(Bids fly high, why can't I)
(If birds fly high, why can't I)
If every little bluebirds fly (if every bird fly)
Over the rainbow,
Somebody tell me why, somebody tell me
(If bids fly high, why can't I)
Why can't I.

 Crazy Morning Mare this Morn" .  Seem to have weird dreams in the morn, more so than at night.  I call them morning mares.  Anyway I was so bummed in dream Smoking my brains out felt like it was real. I was so perplexed, trying to figure out when I picked up the first one...that spun me out of control chain smoking.
I knew I had finally quit the addiction.   Just couldn't remember picking up the first one... I thought I really failed my quit.  I was so disappointed.  In my dream I seen no reason to try again.  Cuz I was enjoying it


This Blue Bird" (ME) Is not picking up another cigarette at anytime, ever, not one more puff, not going to happen, I choose to be a quit until the day I die!

I will soar and sing like a beautiful blue bird"

I will reap the cherries with the small pits.  Happily and Merrily as often as possible.

Happy Tuesday~~