Day 65, busy already!

Blog Post created by DonnaMarie on Feb 19, 2019

Here we are, day 65, and feeling pretty derned good about it.


I do volunteer work with the James City County Police Department and this morning, they did an active shooter drill with the local outlet mall. They often call on us to be customers or victims or something like that when these drills are happening. Today, I was a disgruntled customer in the CS department office. The "shooter" (a cop with blanks in the gun) did his thing and it was my job to follow the lead of the gal who worked in the office. She did a great job! She was scared to death, but I was so proud of her. I patted her on the back while we were barricaded in her office waiting for the door to be unlocked, indicating the drill was over. I told her she had done great, and she had! Her anxiety went down like you wouldn't believe. It's amazing what a human touch can do. Of course, if she had been averse or seemed skittish about me touching her, I wouldn't have done it. The drill was over by 8:30 a.m. and now I'm home and have been up way too long for me! LOL


Today, I go for a second opinion on my shoulder that I had surgery on in August. It's driving me nuts. Then tonight, I do another cop thing. This one is simply registering students as they arrive for the Citizens Forensics Academy. I normally don't have this much stuff to do in one day. It's a good thing I don't smoke. I don't have time to take a shower between each activity. That's my old habit, you see; I would take a shower before the doctor or going in public so people wouldn't know I smoked. What idiots we can be!


Just had breakfast part 2 and enjoying a cup of coffee and Perry Mason on TV. 


Here's hoping everyone has a gorgeous day. It's getting cold here!



Day 65