Day 62 weirdness

Blog Post created by DonnaMarie on Feb 16, 2019

Yep, day 62. How about that? 


I got up and cooked for my husband and sister. I was feeling good and ready for my coffee. I read the weekly paper and tried to decide what to with my day. It's raining and sleeting, so some of our plans were dashed, but we can walk in the woods tomorrow when it stops, right? I decided to do something I hate - clean.


The downstairs bathroom is tiny and it is easiest cleaned while you're sitting on the floor using wipes to clean the floor. A pain in the butt, but the whole room is gleaming right now. 


Next stop, dining room. That's where my weekend guests will mostly be hanging out. It, too, is a pain in the arse to clean, but the 8x10 rug needed some attention. Got that room done. 


After I was done with the "housework," I sat down to paint and the strangest thing happened! An URGE! Where did that come from? I think I know - I used to clean and then go out on the porch with the dog to have a cigarette. Has it really been that long since I've cleaned enough of the house to have a routine urge?


The last thing I had planned was to clean my former smoking area on the front porch. I'm going to let that go to tomorrow. I can't wait to get it done, but I'm not sure right this minute is the time to do it.


Lesson learned is that even after this many days, I'll never be able to let my guard down, ever, ever, ever. 



Day 62 and proud as heck