Two weeks

Blog Post created by Jeanmarc19561 on Feb 13, 2019

Today is two weeks without a smoke and it's been interesting. Not horrible or knuckle biting but to put it in a genteel fashion, challenging at times. Ok, let's cut the crap. A couple of times would have been a disaster if I was one of those who kept a pack around "just in case". But so far so good. This afternoon I read Allen Carrs book per your suggestion and it was very good but it also triggered a "moment" One that I had to laugh at myself over. Near the beginning you'll read this, "It's essential to keep smoking until you have finished the book completely." My first reaction was Woo woo!! and to take Mr. Carrs instructions to heart because he said we should achieve success "Provided we follow all instructions". In the book this is capitalized. So my first thought is 1-as an ex military person I can follow orders 2-Who am I to argue with a proven method of quitting smoking. 3- I'll follow the instructions and smoke until I finish the book. Of course I didn't but this is how the addictive mind works. That is what I remembered as I was reading the book and when I went back to re read the part about smoking till you finish the book I read what I had to have read before but conveniently did not register in my addicted mind was the previous sentence, "provided that you are not a non-smoker or an ex smoker" Whew, close one! I say this mostly in jest. Anyway, hope everyone is doing well and have a great evening!